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Talk / Gamal El-Ghitani

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 th 2013, AT 7:00 PM

Gamal El-Ghitani is one of the leading Egyptian authors
of historical and political novels, and politico-cultural
commentaries. Born in 1945, of El-Ghitani’s many works;
Zayni Barakat, The Mahfouz Dialogues, Pyramid Texts, The
Zafarani Files, The Cairo of Naguib Mahfouz, and The Book of
Epiphanies, had he also been working on part of a long and
ongoing project entitled Dafatir Al-Tadween, or “Chronicle
Notebooks”, that have been periodically published based
on the momentous experiences they happen to fall into. Like
Proust, El-Ghitani was preoccupied by ‘la recherche du temps
perdu.’ Whilst many of his stories are set in Cairo, El-Ghitani
had written about many topics and most notably on the level
of censorship in modern-day Egypt. In 1980, he was awarded
the Egyptian National Prize for Literature; 1987, the French
Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres; 1985, El-Ghitani
became editor-in-chief at al-Akhbar and continued to be
a contributing editor to Akhbar al-Yom’s literary section. In
2005 he won a French Award for translated literature “Laure
Bataillon”, one of the highest French awards to be bestowed
upon non-French writers based on his work “Kitâb al-
Tagalliyyât” or “Book of Illuminations”. By 2009, El-Ghitani was
awarded the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Ren, known to be
one of the world’s richest literary awards.

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