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D-RAMA-DAN, 14 mins (2005)

December 9th 2012

Linguistic drama / trauma on class ideology and cultural chauvinism

A video production by Chamber of Public Secrets, Khaled D. Ramadan Q&A with Director after the video screening


A man writes with a parker pen across the facade of a recycled page, facing an audio diagram with no particular reading beyond a code that changes every time the page is turned. A narrative appears after a scene of a black labrador enjoying its freedom by the river, under the tunes of Sam Cooke’s 1963 hit “A Change is Gonna Come”. The scene then converts into this page turning narrative, unidentified, but physically present. A young girl from South Bronx, NY, narrates her story as a child, and her impression of a writer who wrote infamous childhood novels and how she felt about him.


“I was raised not to believe anything that was told to me, I had no choice. Raised not believe anyone who told me that I had no control over my life and my well being… My family’s political background made me question, any and all fairytales, children’s stories, and anything that made things too easy… I was not the only one who got tired of prince’s and princess’ stories… But I was probably a little bit harsh at 5 years old. I was a child and not aware of ‘him’ as a real person, aware of ‘him’ from his stories but not his life.. a very concentrated group of stories, I can only look at them through my eyes, a childlike perspective. So, A Little Mermaid… and the Princess and the Pea, I was offended that there were so many of those stories. There was too much happening to all of these people. Why should I care if anything happens to this Princess..  I could not invest myself in ‘his’ stories and characters. They seemed too artificial, it seemed to be false. Teaching me a right and wrong that did not apply to my life. I saw him for the first time in Central Park, he was sitting across from me… he seemed to be quite the snob who was definitely writing for the rich people… I was from the South Bronx, so definitely not from the people he was writing for.”


The written words then begin disappear…

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