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Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan received his diploma from the Institute of Arabic Calligraphy in Giza (2001) followed by a Masters of Gilding in 2003. Member of the General Egyptian Calligraphic Group, and the collective of artists and writers at the Cairo Atelier, Hassan is also a board member of the Egyptian General Society for Arabic Calligraphy. He teaches at the Faculty of Applied Arts & Sciences in the German University in Cairo, and participated in several local and international exhibitions from 2002 until today, in places like the Cairo Opera House, Hanager Hall, Ebdaa’ Cultural Centre in Alexandria, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre, Forum for Arabic Calligraphy in Sharjah (UAE), amongst several popular exhibitions in Kuwait, Istanbul and Germany to name a few. Hassan received several local and international acknowledgements, awards and certificates from his exhibitions in Turkey and UAE and continues to run exchange workshops from Egypt. 

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