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Mohamed El Tahan

Mohamed El Tahan is an Egyptian plastic artist, painter, ceramist and sculptor. His artistic philosophy rises from popular tradition, heritage and folklore.  His body of work narrates a journey of continuity and stability, and confirms Tahan’s cohesion with his Egyptian and artistic identity.  Despite the evolution of his technique and the creative treatment in his work over his long artistic career, which he commenced in the seventies, he stayed close to his roots and to their authentic principles and ethics.

Tahan uses pastes and resins to create conformations of roughness and smoothness. This contrast of textures and grains is a reflection of the land and its environment. His vibrant touches are the basis of the spatial scene and the overall affluence in each of his painting.

A lot of Tahan’s compositions convey the Southern atmosphere of Luxor and Aswan. His interpretation of Nubian houses with their renowned drawing, symbols and colors is recurrent.  Tahan’s rendering of people wearing traditional clothes, performing dances and playing the tambourine reveals the simplicity of rural life. All the details of everyday life in Upper Egypt are a constant token of Egypt’s customs and traditions in Tahan’s paintings.

Tahan’s visual and formative distinctiveness lies in between Expressionism and Abstraction. He streamlines details in the scenery and spatial elements, while preserving and celebrating an all Egyptian visual vocabulary common in folk art. This is especially marked in his unceasing use of triangular and other geometric shapes, domes, crescents, windows and doors motifs. His eloquent simplification is a stirring and inspiring analysis that never abandons or revokes the element of the human entity.


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