Contemporary Arts

Malak El Shazly

Born in 1990 in Cairo, Malak El-Shazly lives and works in her constantly changing hometown. Her work spans over multi-media collages and paintings have been exhibited at various group shows across Cairo, including the American University in Cairo’s Sharjah Gallery, Townhouse Gallery, Darb 1718, The Gallery and Tache Art. A group exhibition in Dubai in 2011 was the artist’s international Debut. El-Shazly’s paintings are dominated by a combination of landscapes, figures, and the occasional hidden text. The artist is liberal with her materials, and enjoys experimenting with different textures and mediums. From paint to paper to ink to cardboard, it is all likely to appear on her canvases. She toys around with perspectives and angles, and as a result her canvases bear depth and a potent multidimensional quality. Through mixed media collages that start with an image yanked out of a magazine or an original photograph shot by the Artist, El-Shazly is able to create busy compositions. She recreates dynamic snapshots that perhaps tell a story, or set a storyline of one’s own into motion.

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