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Ibrahim Saad

Ibrahim Saad received his BA degree at Faculty of Fine Arts. Working at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Cairo as coordinator for the Visual Arts Program, Saad has been an active patron in the arts since 2002 where he had participated in group exhibitions; from the Cairo Atelier, to the Palace of the Arts Youth Salon, Gezira Arts Center, Townhouse gallery of contemporary art, and residencies in China, Holland and Switzerland. In the past, Saad has worked at the Townhouse Gallery’s “Sawa” workshop and “Sawa Generation”. In addition, he taught art to children at the Artellewa Gallery. One of the founding members for the Young Artist’s Coalition, Saad embraced street art as a centerfold to his efforts in returning street art into the hands of its community.

His work can be considered as an investigation into the depths of the human soul, as he tries to find new ways of communicating human emotions by combining the written word up against child-like drawings reminiscent of free-flow sketches, and ink-blotting layering multimedia photographic prints. Saad models himself in his performances, photography and video projects, and is most known for his Award winning work “Welcome Back,” a project that defined statements like: Put the Word “Angels” in a sentence; and My City Does Not Know Fear. In his investigation of the city structure, does he occupy covered monuments, and dissect them into hidden realities of histories lost, histories manipulated, and histories hidden. Ibrahim Saad uses his written words to further the wonders of its true meanings.

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