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Evelyn Ashmallah

Evelyn Ashamallah, born in Dessouk, Kafr El Sheikh (1948) graduated from the painting department, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1973. She worked in well-appointed positions such as a founding member of the Artists Syndicate (Egypt), journalist for Roz El Youssef (1973-5), curator of The Mohamed Nagi Museum (1993-5), and juried the Youth Salon for four consecutive years (1996 – 2000). Ashamallah was the Director of the Egyptian Modern and Contemporary Art Museum from 2000 – 2. Her work spans the importance of metaphysics and its playfulness in the psychology of the human mind. Distorted figures, fed with child-like colors, her artistic freedom grasps the innocence of a child with the satire of an adult. In this collection, we selected a group of works spanning from 1989 to 2009, experiencing 20 years of Evelyn Ashamallah’s journey into abstract theorems taken from her personal memory. Whether associated to her own childhood in Dessouk or to the celebrations performed in religious festivals (Al Moulid) – Ashamallah’s work is unprecedented in the late 20th century. Amongst awards received; Faust First Award (Faust International Society, Germany) and The Painting Award (Supreme Competition in Decoration, Cairo Opera House). Her works are acquired by the Ministry of Culture, Egyptian Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Al Ahram Association, Faust Museum, as well as private collections in Algeria, France, UK, USA, Germany and Holland

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