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Ayman Taher

Ayman Salah Taher, born in Egypt 1946 and the first generation prodigy of Egyptian Master painter, Salah Taher; Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Design. Since his graduation, he became a textile and design producer for his own textile factory for 14 years, and then left the practice to pursue his passion in underwater photography. Ayman Taher established himself as the country’s leading underwater photographer since 1975. In the 80s, he worked with Eugenie Clarke, Marine Biologist at the University of Maryland, and The National Geographic Magazine; he became the Manager of Aqua Marine Diving Center; and an active Consultant and still photographer for Chuck Nicklon film Horeah (Mermaid). By 1985, Ayman Taher became a consultant and still photographer for the film The Underwater Desert, and Cinematographer for Fuji TV special Sponge Divers in the Mediterranean. With 5 additional years of practice in Cinematography, he published three works; “Sinai, Guide of the Peninsula and Red Sea”, “Sinai, The Site & History”, and “Under Publication: A Book about Egypt” with an introduction by Naguib Mahfouz. With a private exhibition at the Brooks Institute for Photography (1981) and the Carnegie Museum in Pennsylvania (1982), Ayman Taher had become established as an international underwater, nature and architecture-based photographer from the region, and developed his sense towards paintings with several private exhibitions held between Cairo, London and Paris.


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