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Ahmad Keshta

Born in Giza (Egypt) in 1978, Ahmad Ali Keshta grew up from a family of artists and sculptors. Currently residing in Andorra, Spain he continues to pursue organic elements that bring forth the weightlessness of the resin-made body fused with the intensity of its form. As the light hits the white manifestation, tones of darkness appear in its etched depths. “I do not know where I am at this point of the road, if I were to start in the middle or at the end – It is enough to say that I knew the way to consider that it was I who had chosen freely, or maybe this road had chosen me?” Since childhood it was clear that his future was destined to sculpt, although when he joined Helwan University in 1996, he was part of the Applied Arts faculty, department of Interior Design. After the first year of college, Keshta decided to change fields, eventually joining the sculpture department, and finally graduated in 2002 with an honorary distinction.

Part of the Member of the Union of Artists in Cairo, and Member of the Union of Designers from Applied Arts (UNESCO), Keshta had always been very interested in the avant-garde movements, characterized by a clear style marked from his Egyptian roots. After receiving a scholarship from the Goethe Institute in Cairo, he traveled to Munich (Germany) to study at the Munich Academy Kunst. After his stay in Germany and driven passion for Spanish art and culture, he moved to Madrid where he currently resides. “Art is the language of the world, a universal language understood by all, although each language has its peculiarities – therefore there are differences between the languages spoken in the various areas, between various people and cultures. If between one person and another, it is simply the one language that binds them without an exception. In this language, I want to write a few words; and my job is just one word that will create enough impact to wonder what type of ink was it written in.”

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