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Ahmed Fahd

Ahmed Fahd is a fine artist and Arabic Calligraphy teacher at Khalil Agha School in Cairo. Holding a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy with a specialization in Gilding, he is a member of the General Egyptian Calligraphic Group, and a practitioner of Law, Fahd is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association, and received certificates of merit from the Cairo Opera House. He had the honor of decorating a mosque with Thuluth calligraphy in Egypt, while also working for a period of time at the Ministry of Culture. He held several workshops while also attending prominent group exhibitions in Egypt, UAE, KSA and Turkey. Pieces of his work were acquired for private collections, he has won several medals and is an award-winning artist recognized by the Cairo Opera House, and the National Association for Arabic Calligraphy. He scribed an entire copy of the Holy Quran for publishing houses in Egypt, and continues to produce eloquent works from within his own style of writing.

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