Contemporary Arts

Youssef Kamel

(b 1891 – d 1971),


Kamel was a significant figure in the early years of Fine Arts School. In 1911, he graduated from the Fine Arts school and in 1929 became a Professor in High School of Fine Arts and then the Head of the department in 1937. From 1948 till 1949 he became the Director of Museum of the Modern Art then the Dean of the Royal Faculty of Fine Arts in 1950 till he retired in 1953.


 Youssef Kamel was a major artist of the turn-of-the-century pioneer generation. Impressionist and Expressionist in style, he has always been characterized by eloquence and economy of compositional elements, in structure as well as subject- matter. He devoted himself to painting the Egyptian village and its inhabitants, as well as devoting some interest to the environment s where people keep pets, as part of their daily life and environment. But he always remained a staunch Impressionist, looking on the world outside his studio before going back inside.


 He was granted National Awards like the State Prize of Merit for Art in 1960 and many International Awards in art competitions in Italy.

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