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Mohamed Abla



He is a painter, engraver, sculptor and installation-maker belonging to the Seventies generation. He also made some attempts in the field of video art. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art in Alexandria in 1977. In 1978 he started a seven year journey to Europe, where he visited museums in Spain, France, Belgium and Germany. There he showed his first solo exhibition at the Hohmann Gallery in northern Germany. Two years later he moved to Vienna to study graphics and to exhibit at the AAI Gallery. One year later he continued to Zurich where he studied graphic and sculpture and had a two year experience in art therapy. After the birth of his son he moved back to Egypt. In 1990, he became the Director of Art Gallery at the Cairo Opera House (for six months).


Abla’s work has focused mainly on graphics and oil painting. An innovator who paints in a modernist mode, he mixes techniques on the same sketched surface: painting shares a canvas with lithography, photography on photosensitive surfaces, and so on; he has become well-known for this type of experiment in recent years. Abla feels that art is the key to bringing cultural and environmental awareness to people.



He received many awards in Egypt and abroad; in 1977 he won the Grand prize at the Alexandria Biennale. In 1985, he got the First prize, “Cairo in the Eyes of Artists” then in 1992, the Second prize from the General National Exhibition. He participated in many Exhibitions: The Vanguards Exhibition since 1978 (where he took the First Prize), the 5th Salon of Mini Works of Art in 2001, the 21st and 27th General Exhibition in 1991 and 2002, The 6th Cairo International Art Biennale in 1996, Sharjah Art Biennale, UAE and Finland Print Triennale in 1993, and in 1999, the 3rd Egyptian International Print Triennale of Graphic where he got an Honor prize.



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