Contemporary Arts

Hosny El-Bannany

(b 1912 – d 1988),



El-bannany graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts, where he studied under the artist Youssef Kamel and received National Certificate of Art Teaching in 1937, and the Diploma of the Academy in Rome in 1940.


He may be considered the successor of his professor, Youssef Kamel, in his following the Impressionist style with its touches of movement and its attraction for brilliant light and his use of ramble colors in drawing the same subjects that interested his teacher: the Egyptian alley, the village, people’s interaction with nature and with rural architecture, and the congregation of cattle at village markets, and boats and boatmen. However, his works are relatively different from others in the amount of detail, and the strength of contrast between colors and thickness of his color pastes, which he applied with a palette knife.


El-Bannany participated in several local and international exhibitions including: the Spring Exhibition of Alumni of Faculties of Fine Art, the Association of Fine Arts Lovers Exhibitions, the Exhibition of the Contemporary Fine Art in 1985, the Art in Arab World Exhibition in 1985, the Venicia Biennale, the Unesco Exhibition at Beirut and the Acquisition Exhibition in 2000.


He was honored by medals of honors and certificates of merit for mural and in 1938 he was granted The International Award and the honorary prize at the Landscape Exhibition in Washington.

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