Contemporary Arts

Hussein Youssef Amin

(b 1904 – d 1984),  

Born in Cairo, Egypt, studied Fine arts in Sao Paolo Fine Arts Academy (Brazil) where he got his first diploma in 1929 and in 1931 got his second diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts Florence (Italy).


Hussein Amin was a painter and a teacher who belongs to the second generation of the modern Egyptian Art Movement and taught some of the most ground-breaking Egyptian artists. In 1940s, he founded the Contemporary Art Group.


As a teacher, in 1944, he created a circle of students, with artists Hamed Nada, Ibrahim Mas’ouda, Abdel-Hadi El-Gazzar, Maher Ra’ef, Youssef Kamel, Mogli (Salem El-Habshi) and Samir Rafei who also became stars of the 20th century Egyptian Modern Art. Collectively, their attitude towards painting was expressionistic — to paint in an intuitive and emotional manner, to work on both the detail and the whole picture, balancing the harmony of colour and volume. And the subject was Egypt. Amin taught them to paint rather than imitate.


Amin has been part of several exhibitions: exhibitions of the Contemporary Art Association, the 4th Honorary Exhibition for artists born in 1888 till 1935, and the Egyptian Modern Art Exhibition. He also participated in International Exhibitions like the Sao Paolo International Exhibition and the Modern Art Exhibition in France. In 1948, he won the first modern art prize at the Sao Paolo Biennale.

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